Lignocaine Infusions..


It’s been a few days now since my failed Lignocaine Infusion so perhaps it is not so raw now to speak about. I honestly thought I had prepared myself for failure, I hadn’t really spoken to anyone that had had this particular infusion for CRPS. I seemed to have found some information from people that had had the treatment for migraines and that was about it.

But as all treatments for CRPS (and let me just clarify it is not a cure it is a pain reliever of some kind only) what works for one may not work for another and I was trying to be quietly hopeful but when it failed and my 3rd treatment was cancelled I was nothing short of devastated. I could feel that pain ramping up only an hour after the 2nd treatment but I really was not ready to hear it. 2 hours after that had me being helped out of a local hotel mum and I had stopped at to have a nice lunch together (and not in the way I used to be escorted out of a hotel hee hee). We had done this 2 days in a row, something that we never get a chance to do – my pain rarely allows that. A lunch out is much easier than a dinner when you have fought the whole day to get on top of your pain I feel that by 5pm I am done with. Lunch is easier but the length of time you can stay relies on the ridiculous. Air conditioning and noise. Crazy isn’t it? Of course there are many many factors also that I couldn’t possibly know.

Lignocaine treatments in Brisbane Australia are carried out as an outpatient meaning that you go home each day and come back the next. That alone is difficult to achieve as I don’t travel well and as I have to get up so early to be there by 7.30am (a 50 minute drive away) it also means that I have to shower myself (which causes immense pain). So up and at ‘em just after 4.30am each morning. Urgh! Hard Yakka! 🙂

The treatment itself is not scary in the slightest. Yes you have to fast for 6 hours but for me personally the actual Lignocaine, I didn’t feel any different as it was running through the drip for 30 minutes. I was quite teary and apparently that happens as Lignocaine is a General Anaesthetic but with the first infusion it was a really overwhelming feeling to be without pain – not even just a niggle. I guess when you get a taste for no pain you want more.

For the entire time that the infusion is running and recovery time you are heavily monitored by not just a nurse but a doctor too. They continue to ask questions through the entire time and your blood pressure is being taken every 5 minutes.

After each session you are supposed to have an adult stay with you for 24 hours and on day 2 I kind of let it slip that for me that wasn’t exactly going to happen. My 77 year old mother would be with me until 11pm, my son would set his alarm at 2am and check on me and then my mother would be back again at 4.30am. I know it is just red tape but they were not happy with this arrangement. I know that anyone could die at some part of the day with an adult in the house but they are gardening, doing “stuff” in the workshop or a heavy sleeper. They could hyperthetically find a sick person dead many hours later. I vented my frustration as “Well what do you want me to do, I don’t have a bed for my 77 year old mother and how am I supposed to get any sleep at a friends house”. It also frustrated me that I had a doctor and a nurse monitor my every blink, but after a certain time they just happily ship you out and don’t care what happens after you step out of the building. It sounds like any further treatment will have me come in and stay. Does this mean it will take longer for me to have treatment because I will need a bed?

Day 2 4.30am. I could not kid myself any longer after my shower I was in the normal horrid pain and by the time I left for the hospital I had had a Targin (12 hour release), 2 Endone and my TENS machine was firmly on my left arm. My poor old “Little Faithful” vein had been tapped for a second time but turned out was leaking into the tissue and had to be removed. Trying to find another vein proved to be impossible even when talk of using a vein in the top of my foot which caused me to become a little panicked (they also have to keep the conversation happy and light through the procedure). Eventually the doctor found a vein with the use of an Ultrasound machine – the Doppler in one hand the canula in the other…eek! Again during the treatment no pain, but this time the pain came back quite quickly and hence the reason that the doctor cancelled the 3rd infusion when she called me later that afternoon.

What stays with me from these 2 treatments is what my mum said to me as I was wheeled out to the reception. She said “Oh you look so good!” I had to ask her later what she meant and she said the old twinkle was back in my eye. I guess these days it is replaced with a wince. I decided yesterday I wanted to pull out some photos of my 40th birthday almost 3 years ago and put them somewhere in the house where I will see them. Finally I had hit the state of my life where I could claim it back and live it the way I wanted it to be. My ex-husband had finally stopped chasing me (after 9 years of separation). I was making plans – career and maybe even love? What more can I say except the “U” word – completely and utterly “Unfair” Why Why Why??? Why me? Just like the feeling of no pain – we will just give you a taste of what life would be like and then we will completely change the game. How many fricken hurdles does 1 person have to climb? Between deaths of a father and friends at a young age, knee operations as a teenager, a psychotic and violent brother, a controlling and aggressive husband and financially bankrupt – I really thought I had lived through it all and it was finally my time. Apparently not. Don’t worry I can still say there are people worse off than me and I do believe that but I am really not sure if I will ever be able to put those thoughts to bed. From someone that does not have religious beliefs I have always lived religious morals. I guess somehow I need to take the suffering out of this – another session with my shrinky dink I imagine.



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  1. Dave Walker
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 03:33:28

    Thank you for sharing this. Your pain comes through in your words. I ached with each syllable I read. I hope you are able to discover that path that will lead you to brighter days ahead.


    • shazzagirl70
      Mar 12, 2013 @ 11:34:48

      Thanks for reading Dave, I do hope to be more inspirational than depressive but some days you just have to tell it as it is and I do so for others suffering to feel that there emotions are normal.


  2. urockyourcause
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 17:50:03

    Reblogged this on Inspirational Stories and commented:
    Please check out this inspirational woman’s blog. She is also an RSD angel ❤ sharing her journey..


  3. cindy knoke
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 15:20:50

    So very sorry…


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