A few good days…

dance jig

It really is amazing what a few relatively good days do for you.  For the first time in a long time since December I have had just a few days where my pain has been more bearable.  When I talk about my pain scale now, it’s the new and improved version.  A few days with a pain of 5 or 6 out of 10 is rather exceptional.  Pre CRPS? A pain of 5 and 6 would have had me moaning to anyone that was crazy enough to listen to me.  So again….Grateful.  It has been the break in the wave pattern for you to catch your breath for the next set of waves to roll in.

I saw my exercise Physiologist today.  I have been granted 5 visits to see her and luckily I will get 5 visits each year which is great.  I never really knew what they were about and it happened by meeting a lady within Centrelink that had to interview me for my Disability pension.  She was alarmed of my weight since the last time I had seen her (as am I, very concerned) and she was actually one herself.  She was telling me that they would be able to help me with my incidental movement and started on a really tiny scale of exercises in which we would progress. These days, I am up for anything and I am really happy she pointed me in this direction.

Kelly is great.  A lovely, chirpy, smart woman.  I do have my 2 hours of physio a day so the  new exercises are on top of what I had been given by a physio. These are a little different again.  Somedays the body aches are just too much and other days you do what you can.  I have to remind myself that in my pain tool kit is “Exercise”. Remember those good endorphins….yes!

Having a pain toolkit gives you a plan, following the bouncing ball to try and find something that helps.  All of the tools are invaluable, some days they work, and other days they don’t.  I am a firm believer of meditation and self hypnosis.  Sounds like hallaballoo to many but I was taught this technique in a General Hospital of all places and even on a really bad day, I can manage to get myself a whole heap calmer for the onset. My pain tool kit consists of:

*TENS machine – my “Lil Buddy” Where would I be without you?  These days we spend most of our waking moments joined as 1.  I know that I am the minority of CRPS patients that this works for, so I have been incredibly lucky as I have nothing else that does work completely.

*Distraction – cardmaking, playing solitaire, writing a blog, facebook, reading etc. Anyone with Chronic Pain will tell you that distraction is very powerful, as is socialising, talking being with the people you love.

*Happy time – do something that makes you happy – cardmaking, talking with a friend.

*Exercise – sometimes this may just be a few laps around my loungeroom when the pain is unbearable.

*Physio- gentle ranging exercises.

*Meditation/Self Hypnosis, if nothing else it stops you from becoming more hysterical from the pain.  The more fear you feel – the more pain you get (yeah I know, sucks doesn’t it?)

*Mindfulness.  Trying to narrow your focus through breathing techniques to bring yourself to that very breath you are taking, not the last breath, not the breath that will come next, but this actual pinpointed moment in time.  Extremely powerful.

*Painkillers and sleep.  The painkillers just seem to only make my head a little fuzzy but to be able to sleep and get away from the pain is a Godsent.  I know a lot of CRPS patients that are not this lucky.  Without restorative sleep your pain escalates day after day.

Last week I managed to reach my goal of going to Hydrotherapy twice a week and I felt really happy about it and the day after I didn’t feel so blurgh either. I have also managed to lose 5kgs which I am really happy about (I really don’t deserve to be this size if all I eat is cornflakes and that’s if I can keep them down).  The epilepsy drugs I have taken in the past for Neuropathic Pain do not help a weight situation at all. Really happy to kick them to the curb as they have done nothing for pain just quickly added an extra 18kgs to deal with.

My Psychologist has to remind me of all of the changes I am trying to tackle with gusto in order to lower my pain and that I am achieving a lot.  She is right, I just need to realise that my goals now are teeny, compared to before but also a lot harder to achieve too. 1 step forward 15 steps back somedays.

So today, I feel I have achieved 🙂





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. prayingforoneday
    Jun 05, 2013 @ 10:33:39

    Brilliant. A day of “Achievement”
    For people like us, we don’t get to say this too often.
    I also use the Tens Machine, right now on my left knee/Hamstring and it takes the pain away, 99% for an hour or two.I need this machine some nights.

    I am glad you got positive thinking also Sharon. Sometimes when we blog, or think pain, we get pain. So Positive thinking, believing there “MIGHT” be a chink of light somewhere. Like my blog name “Praying for ONE DAY” All I ask for, one day!!!
    When I get it, I feel “Achievement” also..

    Delighted for you.
    I have decided to check on blogs more often now, so if it is ok, I will come back the odd day and see how you are, we can compare notes on pain, what works, what doesn’t…

    Hope this is ok..
    And again, goon on you pal..



    • shazzagirl70
      Jun 05, 2013 @ 10:59:38

      Hi Shaun thanks for reading. You know when I decided to write a blog I was hoping for more positive than negatives but I also wanted to be real about it as well. I think I can look back and see it’s challenging to keep this idea. Yes you are right about more pain with negative feelings. I don’t notice it so much when I write but I am sure it is true. Years ago before I was sick I used to dissect and dissect conversations I had with Pele and things that happened in life, to the ridiculous but now that I have more challenges to overcome I don’t bother any longer which is really lucky because I certainly have a lot more time on my hands now that I don’t work 70 hour weeks. That’s good to heat that you get relief with the tens machine too, always interested in your point of view too. Thanks again for popping over 🙂


      • prayingforoneday
        Jun 05, 2013 @ 11:13:12

        Thanks for letting me pop over.
        I am SHATTERED here but cracked something in my upper spine today, so 2 sleeping tablets 2 hours ago I am typing on memory of where they keys are with one eye open and half a brain 🙂

        xx Thanks

  2. shazzagirl70
    Jun 05, 2013 @ 11:33:40

    Oh no, did you do something to it? Not good news at all…


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