Be back real soon.

I have been absent for many weeks, now I have such a strong urge to write and no internet for a week. Here I am on my mobile, phone that has the worst auto correct ever, so stay tuned and I will be back soon.
I have had the worst experience with the pain doctor, it couldn’t have gone any more wrong if I had planned it that way. I know I am not the first patient to be told it’s all in your head and I won’t be the last. I wonder if it would ever cross their minds as to whether this deliberation could be the last sentence that the patient ever hears before they go home and top themselves. No no that’s not me but one day it could be or it could be another desperate patient that visits and this is enough for them to just give up. They should be held responsible for their words and still they get away with it, time after time when you know more than they do and they have no idea what to do next. They just have to duck shove you to another department. I can’t believe how this specialist has treated me every single time I have seen her in the last 15 months. I have no idea why she took such a dislike to me from the moment she met me. I have already had psychiatric evaluations to rule out a mental problem. The pain is real and it is CRPS, no doubt in my mind. I am no stranger to pain, I have had 8 knee surgeries, stomach surgeries, child birth and a blood clot in my lung. All a walk in the park compared to this unrelenting pain that never EVER gives me a break. I want my fucking life back!


Don’t take life too seriously…



Flares are so last season

What a great post by Kathy and such an important topic too.

Rise Above Pain

Hi folks

Well you might have guessed from my relative silence recently that I’ve been in a bit of a flare-up, so I wanted to use this opportunity to write about something I’ve been looking into, but haven’t taken the leap with – the flare plan.

The basic concept is to have a plan, not just in your head, of what to do when your pain increases to a level that needs affirmative action.  It sounds fairly simple, but I haven’t got to the point where I am quite organised enough, or even knowledgeable enough, to put the thoughts into a ‘proper’ plan.  I’m still in the “I know what I’m doing……oh my GOD it HURTS, what do I do, what do I do??” stage!  That and I think I had a few preconceptions about whether it was all pointless or ‘shutting the gate after the horse has bolted’, which…

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