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Some great information regarding our posture. I can never ben reminded enough when it comes to this. 🙂


Posture and ergonomics are both well documented and frequently discussed whne it comes to back and neck pain: “It’s my posture, I know it’s bad”, “I’m always being told to sit up straight” etc. On searching for images you will find the classic picture of someone sitting at a desk with a small arch in their low back, the knees below the hips and feet perhaps on a small stool. The question is, does this work? My answer is: if you sit like that for long periods, do you think this is a good idea? (Sorry, it’s more of a question).

As far as I am concerned, the best posture is one that you often change. It’s alright to sit slumped, feet up on the table, upright, leaning to one side etc etc, as long as you alter this position frequently and punctuate prolonged periods of sitting with movement out…

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