Last Monday 3rd November was the first global CRPS Awareness Day. I had bought a couple of canvas’s a few months ago but they sat in the corner. I was daunted by trying to do something on a canvas but a day before awareness day I   decided this was the perfect time to try out something that was very personal to me.

I was absolutely stoked with how this turned out. I recently found these beautiful ink sprays with a gorgeous shimmer. Unfortunately the photo has not picked up the lovely all over sheen.

I used some texture paste which I used a few different stencils that felt significant to me. The brick wall at the top of the canvas represents being so housebound (I have new significant issues that are now making it increasingly difficult to leave the house) The sunrise at the bottom is to remind me that each day is a new day. The fern on the left hand side is also to remind me of natures beauty, the every day beauty that is all around. The bling in the corners at the top was what i was always recognized for. My matching bold costume jewelry (if I’m not wearing earrings i am definitely not feeling like myself) . I also have always loved the checker pattern.

I shared my canvas on a few crps forum sites, 2 in the USA through Facebook.  In just 2 hours my picture had gone Gangbusters. I awoke after a nap to find 68 notifications  and more coming in thick and fast  🙂

How cool 🙂


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